Videohive Free After Effects Template for May

Videohive Free After Effects Template for May


Spectrum is this months free after effects template from and it’s great project for displaying photos. Each photo is framed and set on a reflective floor with audio spectrum bars in the foreground and background. There are 10 video panels with 3d extruded text sections and an option to render without flares for the floor.  Click the link to read more.

Spectrum free after effects template

This is a really well organized project with over 10 text and video panel sections as well as a section for your logo at the end.  Changes are easy to make since everything is well labeled.  The background is in a solo comp so any changes made there ripple through the entire project file.


When you first download this project, make sure to watch the tutorial.  Tyson does a great job of breaking down the features of the project from changing the colors to adding video to each text section.  For a free project, this one is definitely worth a download as it has plenty of flexibility to add just about any kind of content you need to showcase.  The only drawback is that with the numerous text extrusions and nested comps, this project is still a bit sluggish on a 12 core mac.  You may want to work in third or quarter rez and plan on an evening or overnight render depending on the speed of your machine.


Optical Evolution


  • Resolution – 1920×1080 native with options for lower resolutions
  • Plugins – None required
  • AE Version – CS3 minimum

Click the link below to download this awesome free after effects template.

Click here to download

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